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RetroTrek Beginnings,

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

In the beginning there was one idea. Dale, my husband, wanted a quality, colorful label for his hard-bodied suitcase, to be able to easily spot it at the airport. He traveled monthly, so he had a lot of experience attempting to identify his bag amongst the myriad of other black bags at baggage claim. He found a local printer and graphic artist (Pete Marenfeld) in town, and by the time I saw the first sketch, I was sold!

I loved the beauty and simplicity of the way he encapsulated Tucson in a single design. Dale did not draw it, that was all Pete, but Dale had the idea for the colors and perspective and the fortitude to see it through, of which I am most in awe.

The first image opened the door for Pete to get a glimpse of what Dale was looking to create and a beautiful relationship was formed. Our current designs are a mixture of ideas between Pete, Dale and yes, sometimes even me. Lucky for us Pete can decipher stick figures on a napkin, because that is a common mode of expressing our ideas to him. When not coming up with ideas of his own, he is able to translate our chicken scratch into stunning images, capturing (and often surpassing) exactly what we had in mind.

It all started with Dale and Pete, and their ability to connect and work together as a team to drive these designs forward and it continues today with the creation of our yearly calendar.


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