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About RetroTrek

Retro Tucson Iconic Images



In 2007, Dale had the idea of creating a stunning retro image for a luggage label to make his bag identifiable at the airport. His concept and color palette were so beautifully illustrated by Graphic Artist Pete Marenfeld that a partnership was formed.  Pete is an exceptional artist and you can see more of his work here.


Dale and Cricket, his other half, quickly decided that the beauty of this art could not be confined to luggage tags and have continued to expand product lines together for the last twelve years. RetroTrek offers a variety of products with iconic Tucson images, including prints, note cards, post cards, holiday cards, magnets and our feature item each year, the calendar.


We are delighted to feature the best of Tucson on our products, the majority of which are produced in Tucson. We love reflecting the vibrancy of Tucson and interacting with customers who appreciate our vision.

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