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El Barrio Viejo

With Tucson’s history in mind, we were inspired to pay homage to El Barrio Viejo in our early collection of RetroTrek designs. This “old neighborhood’ is located just south of the Tucson Convention Center, and is one of the largest groups of 19th century adobe structures in the U.S. even though its entirety is a remnant of a once larger community.

Tour the area and feel the Mexican cultural influence of the thick-walled adobe homes, with their vibrant colors and desert shrubbery. You might visit Teatro Carmen, and El Tiradito Wishing Shrine or stop by El Minuto Café for a traditional Sonoran dining experience.

The Barrio survives today due to the dedication of the people of Tucson who preserve the architectural style and heritage of this important cultural gem in our growing community.

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