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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

We are often asked about the images depicted in our designs. How do we decide? Our hearts lie in Tucson and we create images that evoke pleasant feelings and memories of our home. We love hearing comments from people about what our designs mean to them. We’ve heard many stories from Tucsonans about their experiences in some of the places we have featured. They are often associated with fond childhood memories which make us smile.

We love to showcase local businesses, areas of town , our desert environment and familiar sights from the Tucson area. We take suggestions for designs from residents, customers, vendors and each other as to what to feature next. We strive to illustrate Tucson’s rich history and culture, and the choices seem limitless! We are very pleased that once we began producing a yearly calendar, we were able to move forward with 5 or 6 new design ideas per year!

We hope our designs continue to evoke positive thoughts and feelings about our town and look forward to portraying Tucson using retro inspired design elements. We look forward to seeing you around. Thanks for the support Tucson!

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