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Tohono Chul - La Fuente Gift Shop

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

If you haven’t yet ventured out to Tohono Chul Botanical Gardens, you are missing out on a wonderful experience of themed gardens, nature trails, multiple shops and galleries, and their delectable bistro.

RetroTrek is so very pleased to offer our wares in La Fuente (The Fountain) gift shop located adjacent to the Garden Bistro featuring local Southwest art, contemporary pottery, whimsical desert life depictions, books, and more! We have enjoyed working with Myra and Linda to help fill their Tucson-themed category with a variety of our designs of Tucson with a retro flair, as well as many nature images.

The shop is enchanting and I find it difficult to focus on my restocking tasks when I am there, as I am easily distracted by the beauty exhibited by so much local talent! Take a stroll of the grounds, galleries and shops, and experience the unique bistro cuisine while deciding just who you must shop for, and don’t forget to reward yourself!

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