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Rialto Blue or Pink?

Why do we have two Rialto designs? When producing an image, we often have different opinions about details. Pete came up with this awesome idea for showcasing the Rialto in the downtown area and, as occasionally happens, Dale and I couldn’t agree on the sky color. So we tried out both pink and blue. The funny thing is, you all seem to be split down the middle as well, since your preference divides almost equally. So, we kept both colors, and are happy it pleases you to have options!

When depicting Tucson in design images, we look to reflect the culture of Tucson and hope you enjoy hearing about how we go about our business. We get many suggestions and appreciate everyone’s interest in our little operation. If we haven’t done something you’d like to see, let us know. Chances are, it may already be in the works in one of our upcoming images and your input will help us know which ones to release first!

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